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00:30:22 <ChrisMorgan> kAlug: with UTF-8 data? Should be fairly safe just encoding the find/replace strings as UTF-8 and run the normal replace. Not strictly perfect, but the probability of hitting bad data (starting matching in the middle of a multi-byte character) is effectively nil.
00:30:35 <ChrisMorgan> Got to go to Uni now.
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02:14:10 <GizmoBot> GordCaswell is the developer of Armagetron Advanced Portable, Evince Portable & ZSoft Uninstaller Portable
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02:59:02 <kAlug> Hey DannyMuniz!!!
02:59:23 <DannyMuniz> hey kAlug! :)
03:01:13 <kAlug> How you doing?
03:01:45 <DannyMuniz> im hanging there
03:02:38 <DannyMuniz> i need to update some of my apps and i have not had the time... since i have been helping to take care of my grams
03:04:20 <kAlug> -ot and -dev
03:04:34 <DannyMuniz> ah there we go thanks :)
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03:06:18 <DannyMuniz> im using pidgin for now i hope that i don't screw up my IM's
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05:07:36 <pa_3078> . /help
05:08:48 <pa_3078> . /how to clean opera portable?
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14:15:05 <pa_1534> "help!"
14:16:09 <pa_1534> I am having to reset my password every day to the support forum. It doesn't seem to take my password as itis and I have the correct passwod and username.
14:17:15 <pa_1534> who should I ask for help with this? This is the obnly help link I could find. thanks
14:19:22 <pa_1534> Hi, I'm new to this, how does this thing work? thanks
14:38:40 <Gizmokid2005> pa_1534: use the contact us link on the site
14:38:49 <Gizmokid2005> there will be an email address that you need to use.
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15:33:54 <pa_1534> k
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17:04:16 <pa_1534> HI I can't find the link for the support email on teh contact us page...
17:06:51 <TPFC-SYSTEM> pa_1534: I think you're supposed to use the address at .
17:12:46 <pa_1534> Thanks, I have another question...
17:13:15 <pa_1534> I downladoed a bunch of gmails to my flash drive then copied them to a DVD for hard storage. I can't get them call up into the program when I open it up offline again. help please?
17:18:44 <pa_1534> OBTw - I used THunderbird portable to do this. thanks
17:21:15 <TPFC-SYSTEM> Sorry, I can't help you with that. :(
17:21:32 <TPFC-SYSTEM> I have never imported emails myself.
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20:41:16 <jbs> I've used PA in the past, but this is my first experience with the Platform version. I selected ~80 apps to include, and now it's going through 80 separate installation routines. Is that normal? Or did I do something wrong?
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20:57:19 <GizmoBot> GordCaswell is the developer of Armagetron Advanced Portable, Evince Portable & ZSoft Uninstaller Portable
20:58:19 <GordCaswell> jbs: Don't worry, this is normal. When you add apps through the platform, you are adding each individual app, and they all have their own installers
21:00:13 <jbs> Do I remember correctly that the suite installed all at once?
21:00:54 <jbs> Or am I practicing selective memory here?
21:00:56 <jbs> :-)
21:02:07 <GordCaswell> If you installed one of the previous versions that included programs, yes, it did. However, the updated platform including the updater does not include individual programs anymore, instead allowing you to choose all the programs you wish.
21:04:45 <jbs> Gotcha. Thanks, I just wanted to make sure there wasn't some setting to just pick all the defaults and let the installers run sequentially.
21:05:37 <jbs> Especially since so far I've picked every single default for every single app. And btw, thanks for the ZSoft App!
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21:08:20 <GordCaswell> Are you keeping the platform open while adding apps? If you close it, some of the automation isn't possible
21:08:33 <GordCaswell> Oh, and, you're welcome :)
21:11:33 <jbs> Ahhh, I think you may have just solved the puzzle. The platform had been closed. Not for any particular reason, I think it was an erant click.
21:12:01 <jbs> Since reopening it they are running more or less on their own. Before there was zero automation. Every directory had to be approved, etc etc.
21:12:15 <jbs> *much* better now. Thanks!!
21:12:29 <GordCaswell> I don't even see that stuff now - it's nice and convenient :)
21:12:33 <GordCaswell> you're welcome
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21:37:33 <pa_1685> While on my school computers (Windows 7 Enterprise) I get the following error: "Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. You may not have the appropriate permissions to access the item." Do you know of any ways around this?
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23:20:13 <kAlug> Hey ChrisMorgan!
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23:27:31 <ChrisMorgan> hey kAlug
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23:37:57 <kAlug> I've found the reason of the encoding bug... I'd misspelled LastRunEnvironment... m(
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23:46:31 <ChrisMorgan> OK. That could be it :-)
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23:55:10 <ZachThibeau> hi ChrisMorgan
23:55:38 <ChrisMorgan> hey
23:55:55 <kAlug> ChrisMorgan: Do you have some time to release PAL 2.1.2?
23:55:55 <ZachThibeau> have you heard of the mplayer2 project?
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23:57:38 <ChrisMorgan> kAlug: I should... just got to finish release notes for it.
23:57:39 <ChrisMorgan> ZachThibeau: no
23:58:00 <kAlug> You already wrote them. I just suggested some changes.
23:59:11 <kAlug> First FFmpeg, now MPlayer...