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02:37:06 <GizmoBot> GordCaswell is the developer of Armagetron Advanced Portable, Evince Portable & ZSoft Uninstaller Portable
02:39:16 <GordCaswell> hmm...interesting...When an app release page is updated to reflect the dev's name instead of John's, as happened on the current Evince Portable release page, the tracker still sees John as being the last poster. This amuses me :)
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03:45:01 <pa_2153> help
03:45:01 <GizmoBot> pa_2153: Welcome to the official chatroom. Ask your question and someone should be able to help you shortly. If you still don't get an answer, try posting on the forums:
03:45:17 <pa_2153> help, any admin here?
03:45:18 <GizmoBot> pa_2153: Welcome to the official chatroom. Ask your question and someone should be able to help you shortly. If you still don't get an answer, try posting on the forums:
03:45:37 <pa_2153> hello?
03:45:44 <pa_2153> anyone there?
03:45:55 <pa_2153> gee, the room is dead
03:46:04 <pa_2153> admin, u there?
03:46:09 <GordCaswell> pa_2153: what can i help with?
03:46:30 <pa_2153> teamviewer portable is not working
03:46:37 <pa_2153> cant download
03:47:13 <GordCaswell> how are you trying to download? directly from our website, or through the platform?
03:49:10 <pa_2153> both
03:49:25 <pa_2153> i also got K9 installed
03:49:46 <pa_2153> cound it be K9 blocking it?
03:49:53 <GordCaswell> ok, try from here:
03:49:57 <GordCaswell> Yes, it might be
03:50:13 <pa_2153> K9 is really pain in the ass
03:51:14 <pa_2153> yes, the K9 website pop up and says its blocking teamviewer
03:51:47 <pa_2153> no wonder platform Get More Apps failed to download teamviewer
03:51:54 <pa_2153> any work around?
03:52:27 <pa_2153> pls add cccleaner if u have not, its really gd utility
03:52:33 <GordCaswell> disabling k9 from blocking paf.exe downloads is all i can think of
03:52:54 <GordCaswell> We're in talks with Piriform to add ccleaner and their other applications
03:53:01 <pa_2153> what is paf.exe?
03:53:52 <GordCaswell> the PortableApps installer format. What you download when you download one of our applications.
03:54:03 <pa_2153> u mean need to get permission to every writter of the software that we enjoy in portable apps?
03:54:52 <GordCaswell> Any of the software that is freeware, yes. Some are opensource, and so the "writer" has already given permission. The other ones we need specific permission for.
03:55:13 <pa_2153> maybe microsoft is an ass as i still dun see ms messenger live yet
03:56:15 <pa_2153> would be cool to have ms excel, words, powerpoint portable too
03:56:18 <GordCaswell> We have never contacted Microsoft about getting Microsoft Messenger Live, as their license agreement is far too restrictive to allow redistribution by us.
03:57:38 <pa_2153> HDTune is gd
03:59:48 <pa_2153> got almost all the apps i need, simply cool, loving it
04:00:00 <GordCaswell> glad you enjoy it :)
04:00:42 <pa_2153> i am using the latest beta platform
04:01:09 <pa_2153> would be great if u could give us more control of it
04:01:27 <GordCaswell> what do want to be able to change?
04:01:57 <pa_2153> coz i operate a cybercafe and would like to use this platform to launch games and apps but i dun want kids to mess with explorer
04:02:36 <pa_2153> dun want them to browse my files
04:03:54 <pa_2153> maybe u could add an admin login to show all options, else just show basic apps launch without the sidebar on the right
04:06:34 <pa_2153> AngryBird portable would be cool
04:08:10 <pa_2153> something like this would be nice -->
04:08:18 <GordCaswell> if you run gpedit.msc on the computers you want locked down, you can lock out a lot of feautures from those computers
04:09:51 <GordCaswell> What you're looking for isn't what the Platform is for, and I doubt John T. Haller will add that functionality to it. However, it never hurts to make a request! Just post it on the website.
04:11:43 <pa_2153> no problem, still love the platform as it is for my personal use
04:13:14 <pa_2153> thank u very much, really appreciate :)
04:13:24 <GordCaswell> You're welcome
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06:26:01 <JohnTHaller> Pre-Release 4 is up:
06:28:15 <ChrisMorgan> "We'll be rolling out ... portable fonts ..."?
06:28:49 <JohnTHaller> fixed
06:28:52 <ChrisMorgan> And I'd very much like it if when referring to paring down things you didn't spell it "paired".
06:29:33 <ChrisMorgan> It's looking good, though. My everything-installed system for testing and reference now has jPortable :-)
06:29:39 <JohnTHaller> You could have just told me about the typo :-P
06:30:39 <JohnTHaller> Yeah, had to add in jPortable support. Now I can add that top the updater's ability to be passed an AppID and just auto-install it. That way when a use goes to run a Java app and doesn't have it, they can be asked if they want to have it added and it'll all happen automatically once they say Yes
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06:34:30 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: Did you upgrade the platform via the updater?
06:34:34 <ChrisMorgan> Yep.
06:34:41 <ChrisMorgan> How else? :-)
06:35:03 <JohnTHaller> I automated it a bit more. Still need to auto-select the language and auto-close the open platform, but it's almost there.
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06:45:55 <JohnTHaller> Alright, must sleep now. Still trying to kick this flu. Gnight all.
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09:52:43 <Internet-Dude> Hi
09:53:19 <Internet-Dude> Anybody?
09:55:10 <TPFC-SYSTEM> Sorry, got to go. :(
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21:01:55 <GizmoBot> ...
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21:16:01 <ve4jhj> hmm...anyone know how i can disconnect my normal nick so i reconnect as it?
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21:17:39 <ve4jhj> nevermind
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21:29:42 <kAlug> hey JohnTHaller
21:29:49 <JohnTHaller> hola kAlug. how goes it?
21:30:13 <GordCaswell> hey JohnTHaller
21:30:19 <JohnTHaller> hi GordCaswell
21:31:56 <kAlug> I'm updating the Platform's translation.
21:31:58 <GordCaswell> Question for you: in the PR4 announcement, you say "Support for updating and installation from the App Directory for jPortable and other upcoming add-on libraries was also introduced." Does this mean things such as Ghostscript, MinGW, etc can be installed to commonfiles once released officially?
21:33:29 <JohnTHaller> We'll only be doing certain things as CommonFiles that are used by lots of apps, all of which use the same version and release build. Think things like Java, Flash, etc. GTK+ was right out (GTK hell). Same with Python. I'd wager Ghostscript and MinGW have similar issues.
21:34:55 <techfreak243> i updated to the latest the release and now i cant start it
21:35:08 <techfreak243> of the platform
21:35:19 <JohnTHaller> techfreak243: can't start how. how are you trying to start it? Are you running Start.exe?
21:35:27 <techfreak243> yes
21:35:33 <JohnTHaller> And what happens?
21:36:21 <techfreak243> it tries to load and nothing happens. no icon in the notification area
21:36:35 <techfreak243> i am using windows 7 home premium x64
21:37:01 <JohnTHaller> have you tried running PortableAppsPlatform.exe directly? Explore to X:\PortableApps\\ and try running it. Also be sure it's not already running in Task Manager.
21:37:46 <techfreak243> nm, it was in the task manager as a process]
21:38:18 <JohnTHaller> On Win7, the icon shows in the task bar, not the system tray, btw.
21:38:28 <JohnTHaller> You can change that in advanced options.
21:38:54 <JohnTHaller> I mean in the task bar as well as the system tray
21:39:15 <techfreak243> it shows in both. i just restarted it and nothing happens. the processes load but no program
21:39:37 <JohnTHaller> Where are you running it from?
21:39:46 <techfreak243> my laptop
21:39:53 <JohnTHaller> I mean path location
21:40:17 <techfreak243> the root of my flash drive under the start.exe
21:40:48 <JohnTHaller> Have you tired re-installing after confirming that nothing is running in Task Manager? If you need the installer again:
21:41:42 <techfreak243> can i install it to my desktop then move it to my hard drive?
21:41:51 <JohnTHaller> It shouldn't make any different
21:41:54 <techfreak243> kk]
21:41:54 <JohnTHaller> difference, evem
21:42:01 <JohnTHaller> (argh, even)
21:42:08 <techfreak243> lol, it ok
21:43:23 <techfreak243> launches fine off my hard drive
21:43:44 <JohnTHaller> Is your flash drive formatted NTFS and was it formatted on a different computer, possibly XP?
21:43:54 <JohnTHaller> Did you try re-installing to your flash drive?
21:43:57 <techfreak243> my flash drive is FAT32
21:44:10 <techfreak243> it has worked before the update
21:44:12 <JohnTHaller> Ah ok, just checking. Have you checked it for errors lately?
21:44:21 <techfreak243> yeah, none
21:44:49 <JohnTHaller> Ok, and you tried reinstalling this new version with the installer I just pointed you to?
21:45:28 <kAlug> JohnTHaller: "App Directory" should be translated, right?
21:45:40 <JohnTHaller> Where?
21:46:08 <kAlug> App Directory Settings
21:46:25 <JohnTHaller> Not until the locale file is updated. There's new strings in it./
21:46:33 <techfreak243> i have release 4 on my flash drive. it is not updating
21:46:36 <techfreak243> working
21:47:05 <JohnTHaller> techfreak243: I know that. I mean have you tried downloading and manually re-installing using the installer I just pointed you to. The one you said worked on your HD?
21:48:09 <kAlug> (19:32:10)<kAlug>I'm updating the Platform's translation.
21:48:21 <techfreak243> ok, now its working
21:48:25 <techfreak243> thx
21:48:44 <JohnTHaller> techfreak243: Glad to hear. You're welcome :)
21:48:59 <JohnTHaller> kAlug: Ah ok, missed that. So is it not working?
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21:49:25 <JohnTHaller> kAlug: It should read in ADVANCED_APP_DIRECTORY_SETTINGS
21:49:40 <techfreak243> john, did you see my suggestion on the thread about the app directory
21:50:13 <JohnTHaller> techfreak243: Which one?
21:50:51 <GordCaswell> JohnTHaller: Ghostscript doesn't require a specific version to be installed. It's very similar to Java in that way. I'm fine having it install to PortableApps directly, however it is rarely started on it's own, simply accessed by other programs, such as XNview, Scribus & maybe others, hence why i thought it might fit better as a commonfile install
21:51:37 <techfreak243> whenever you are done installing apps from the directory. it still thinks its the updater
21:51:41 <JohnTHaller> GordCaswell: I've never used GS for anything (other than one annoying college project) so don't know anything about it and how it is used. Is it overly large and used by lots of apps?
21:51:50 <JohnTHaller> techfreak243: I know, it's in the list of known issues.
21:52:04 <JohnTHaller> Oh, wait...
21:52:17 <kAlug> JohnTHaller: I meant, is it a proper noun? e.g. Chrome Web Store is in Brazil... Chrome Web Store
21:52:37 <techfreak243> it was on the PR 3 thread\
21:52:57 <JohnTHaller> techfreak243: It's now in the list of known bugs and will be fixed probably in the next release
21:53:04 <JohnTHaller> techfreak243: Known bugs:
21:54:24 <JohnTHaller> kAlug: Ah ok, sorry I misunderstood. It should actually be Portable App Directory Settings. And PAD is the proper name.
21:55:06 <JohnTHaller> kAlug: I think we should think about it, though, as I've just been doing it that way because it is that way. IE think about what should be a proper name and what shouldn't.
21:55:31 <JohnTHaller> I have a meeting with our designer who's had good insight on a lot of this tonight and discuss with him, too
21:56:34 <kAlug> OK. I'll just mark it for further review here.
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21:58:24 <JohnTHaller> kAlug: Thanks for reminding me. BTW, thoughts on this?
22:01:51 <GordCaswell> JohnTHaller: GS 9.02 is 43.2 MB installed, used by Scribus for sure, can be used by XNview, as evidenced in a thread on the forums, and I haven't checked other apps yet
22:02:24 <JohnTHaller> Does Scribus require it? If not, do most users install it?
22:02:59 <GordCaswell> Also, how are the fonts installed? I can see them in Libreoffice no problem, but not Scribus, and Scribus is very picky on the install path, so just curious. I already have a work-around in place, so no worries, just wondering.
22:03:57 <JohnTHaller> It adds it using the WIndows API for it. Some apps that don't use the proper Windows APIs for determing fonts will not see it. Example: GIMP.
22:04:08 <GordCaswell> It's somewhat required by Scribus. You only need it for some operations, just like XNview, but Scribus warns you every startup if it isn't installed.
22:04:26 <GordCaswell> Ah, ok, so that's why Scribus doen't see it then.
22:04:58 <JohnTHaller> Perhaps we should pre-bundle it in Scribus then.
22:05:14 <GordCaswell> K, I'll do it that way then.
22:05:25 <JohnTHaller> XnView would use it for what?
22:05:50 <GordCaswell> Something to do with scanning:
22:07:52 <JohnTHaller> Ah ok. Hmmm. Any more apps that could use it?
22:09:11 <ChrisMorgan> JohnTHaller: there's really no reason why Python should not be fine in CommonFiles. Some C extensions may require specific versions of Python (2.5, 2.6 or 2.7), but that would generally be limiited to PyQt4, pygtk and wxPython, which could still share most of their stuff (just the Python bindings would be different). I don't say that it's worth it, but there's nothing wrong with the notion.
22:10:37 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: Yeah, I understand that. I'm just trying to strike a balance. But, for Python apps, we have to rename pythonw.exe anyway to ensure that the apps don't step on each other.
22:11:59 <ChrisMorgan> I've thought before we should do that with javaw.exe. Launch4J does it that way; make a copy of javaw.exe in [JRE]/launch4j-tmp as app-name.exe and run it instead.
22:12:10 <ChrisMorgan> That would fix some problems that we have with 'em.
22:12:18 <JohnTHaller> Hmmm... think that'd work?
22:13:17 <kAlug> JohnTHaller: 1. As no issues were reported, I'd say it can be published on the next release already. 2. I usually release it twice (between 5am and 12am on Wednesdays and Fridays, now possibly sooner). 3. I'm going to put the Settings Manager as a separate download. 4. Does Portable Passwords work with NSISu? What is its license?
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22:14:03 <JohnTHaller> Yes, Iron is using portable passwords with PAL+NSISu. It's GPL, I believe.
22:14:03 <ChrisMorgan> JohnTHaller: it works for launch4j.
22:14:18 <Simeon> hi all! hi John!
22:14:35 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: Maybe we should approach it that way in PAL, then. That would let us await an app finishing, no?
22:14:40 <JohnTHaller> hi Simeon
22:14:45 <ChrisMorgan> It would.
22:14:49 <JohnTHaller> Simeon: Did you get my email regarding Popman?
22:15:02 <ChrisMorgan> Or more properly, it would let us wait for multiple instances correctly.
22:15:35 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: I say that's a good idea then. As it's only 142k, it won't be a major impact. I may have to rethink checking if it's running when upgrading jPortable, though.
22:16:31 <Simeon> Yes. One of the reasons Im here now. But I havent had the time to have another look at it. The way I see it is that because Thunderbird is an external program, updating the path like usual dowsnt work as its "PortableApps/Thunderbird" and not "PortableApps/Popman".
22:16:49 <Simeon> so the replace doesnt work.
22:17:03 <ChrisMorgan> Good point. Just realised another potential problem with it; local JRE, need to make sure it can work from any directory.
22:17:20 <JohnTHaller> Simeon: I know that. But I didn't see anything in your app to check that. One fix would be the PortableAppsRoot variable once PAL gets it. I have CustomCode I did for it, though
22:17:38 <ChrisMorgan> JohnTHaller: I see it as being PAL:Root (generally X:\)
22:17:40 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: Ah, hadn't thought of that
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22:18:15 <ChrisMorgan> We could have PAL write a RuntimeData-like string in CommonFiles\Java if it uses its JRE, then clear it on exit, so that the installer can check that.
22:18:49 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: That'd work. We may need to specifically test on apps like OO.o and LO, too.
22:19:28 <kAlug> JohnTHaller: [Portable Passwords] Then no way. The launchers are BSD. Actually, I don't even know the license of the whole package.
22:19:30 <ChrisMorgan> A full usage registration system activated when [Activate]:Java>=try.
22:19:31 <JAWS> nice work on the release JohnTHaller and team ;)
22:19:48 <JohnTHaller> PAL is GPL, kAlug
22:20:31 <JohnTHaller> kAlug: You can keep your stuff BSD and just have the overall build with portable passwords be GPL. Then folks can still build it without passwords as BSD. It doesn't affect the license on your code.
22:21:11 <JohnTHaller> JAWS: Thanks :)
22:21:18 <Simeon> JohnTHaller: I just put in a replace with Find=%PAL:LastDrive%\ Replace=%PAL:Drive%\
22:21:26 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: Yeah, that would do it
22:21:36 <kAlug> Hmmm... I really need some help on licensing. There are four components on Chromium Portable, each one with a different license.
22:21:41 <JohnTHaller> Simeon: Right, but that means that it'll still break for dropbox users
22:21:51 <JAWS> I have a question about the new font feature; where exactly do the fonts get used, in the apps or the system...?
22:21:52 <JohnTHaller> kAlug: Sure, what are they?
22:22:28 <JAWS> I'm had to make the Fonts folder myself so I'm not sure i did it right
22:22:32 <JohnTHaller> JAWS: They are loaded into memory in Windows via an API and available to all running apps while the platform is running.
22:23:20 <ChrisMorgan> My partial directories stuff in 2.1 was a blunder, really. At present I think PAL:Root is the right way to do it, PAL:Drive should rarely if ever be used after that.
22:23:21 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: If I set an env var in custom code, can it be accessed within the launcher.ini?
22:23:25 <ChrisMorgan> Yep.
22:23:49 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: Ah ok. I can approach it that way for now. Simeon, that would work on your end, too.
22:24:10 <ChrisMorgan> Approach it which way for now?
22:24:22 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: Drive still has a purpose. Someone could have PA.c installed to a subfolder off the root and be accessing files outside it
22:24:31 <GordCaswell> JohnTHaller: Gramps Portable uses GS, and possibly gimp and inkscape CAN use it. I can't confirm either of those for sure, though.
22:24:38 <Simeon> JohnTHaller: Hadnt thought about that. So we need to replace partial paths. Maybe Ill wait till PortableAppsRoot comes along or if already have something.....Oh yes and CONGRATS for the release! Hope you get rid of that flu!!!
22:24:51 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: I can use custom code for a PortableAppsRoot or similar location for now and use it in the launcher.ini
22:24:58 <JAWS> ok, thanks! Again nice work! :)
22:25:03 <ChrisMorgan> JohnTHaller: at the least, I think we should always be using PAL:Drive with a slash of some sort. Otherwise the replacement is too fragile.
22:25:09 <JAWS> see ya!
22:25:11 <Simeon> I keep forgetting about Dropbox and that we now support partial paths.
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22:25:37 <kAlug> JohnTHaller: Chromium: ; the patches: BSD (how do I license patches?); the custom launcher and Settings Manager: BSD (possibly switching to something else non-copyleft); the PAL-based launcher and the installer: GPL.
22:25:45 <JohnTHaller> Simeon: Thanks. I'll share my code with you when I have it. I'm still pretty sick. Coding til 2:30am didn't help. I did manage a walk to the drug store before I got dizzy today :)
22:25:49 <kAlug> Also, see this:
22:26:45 <JohnTHaller> kAlug: You're fine on all that. BSD code can be combined with other BSD code and GPL code. The resulting binary is GPLed. But all the code that is BSD, you can still take and use with other BSD stuff without worrying about the GPL.
22:27:04 <Simeon> :) Gotta go now too. Twas nice chatting to you. Saves me an email I would have sent otherwise.
22:27:25 <ChrisMorgan> Ooh, yuck, IronPortable goes meddlin' with %JAVA_HOME% in its Custom.nsh.
22:27:45 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: Yeah, that was my fault.
22:27:47 <kAlug> Yeah, I just found another reason to release the entire package as GPL...
22:28:32 <ChrisMorgan> Surprisingly, it seems Listary Portable is the only other one which sets an environment variable in the launcher - and its is just for 32/64, and the need for that bit will go away in PAL 2.2.
22:28:35 *** techfreak243 ( has joined #portableapps
22:28:37 <JohnTHaller> kAlug: You're really fine either way. If you like BSD for your own stuff to give people freedom to use it in proprietary stuff, you're welcome to continue using BSD on your own code files. It causes no issues when combined with our GPL stuff
22:29:08 <Simeon> Bye all!
22:29:15 <kAlug> Bye Simeon!
22:29:20 <kAlug> Why does Iron Portable sets %JAVA_HOME%?
22:29:50 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: I'll be doing an Iron update to fix that once Iron does a new release or once Platform PR5 is up (whichever comes first). PR5 will introduce update installers (example: Update an app from 5.1 to 5.1 Rev 2)
22:29:59 *** Simeon has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
22:30:10 <JohnTHaller> kAlug: Because I thought I needed to do that manually when I added Java support.
22:31:31 <kAlug> OK. BTW, have you checked the pastebin?
22:32:26 *** DannyMuniz is now known as DannyMuniz[AFK]
22:33:07 <JohnTHaller> kAlug: Yeah, it works for me. I prefer the FileWrite version as we may need to qualify it. And ChrisMorgan is right, we always need a drive:\ at least. Never just drive letter.
22:33:33 * ChrisMorgan has done just drive before, and run into problems
22:33:56 <JohnTHaller> with the backslash?
22:34:22 <ChrisMorgan> If I had used a (back)?slash I wouldn't have run into trouble in that case.
22:34:23 <JohnTHaller> It depends on the app, really. Which is why if we have something before we can add, I do. Like file:/// or =" or something
22:34:54 <ChrisMorgan> It's yet another of the things I need to add to PADT's validation.
22:35:03 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: You have any thoughts on ghostcript going in CommonFiles?
22:38:03 <GordCaswell> ChrisMorgan: Evince Portable sets the LANG environment variable. so Listary isn't the only one :)
22:38:28 <ChrisMorgan> GordCaswell: not in custom code, which is what we're talking about.
22:39:18 <GordCaswell> ah, ok. trying to follow along while feeding a baby is a little difficult :)
22:39:38 <ChrisMorgan> JohnTHaller: if it's as has been said, seems to me it could be useful in CommonFiles. Inkscape can use Ghostscript too.
22:40:00 <ChrisMorgan> It uses gs for some import/export types which at present just aren't supported on Inkscape Portable.
22:40:33 <JohnTHaller> Well, if it can be used by multiple apps, is that large and all apps can use the current version (rather than a specific one), it would seem CommonFiles would be the appropriate place for it.
22:41:21 <JohnTHaller> I wasn't too worried about XnView, but if Inkscape can use it as well, then it definitely seems like something we could work into CommonFiles. The current platform will support it if we build it that way.
22:41:40 <JohnTHaller> We'll need to add a GhostScript line for PAF so the next release can check for it.
22:41:45 <ChrisMorgan> (Strictly, I'm not sure if Inkscape works with gs on Windows, but I presume it can.)
22:41:57 <JohnTHaller> Any way we can find out?
22:42:01 <GordCaswell> if that's the consensus, i'll switch to commonfiles, and hopefully have the up-to-date version up this week.
22:42:55 <kAlug> JohnTHaller: [PAP translation] What is APP_MENU_PREFIX_APP?
22:42:56 <JohnTHaller> I could go either way, personally. It all comes down to the apps that need it. If only one app needs it and a couple can kinda use it, I'm less inclined. But if two of our big apps can use it for important stuff, then it def makes sense
22:44:28 <ChrisMorgan> Can Ghostscript be used by itself?
22:44:42 <ChrisMorgan> JohnTHaller: apps which do a Replace=%PAL:Drive%: IrfanView, Opera, Fotografix, wxDownloadFast.
22:44:45 <JohnTHaller> kAlug: in the right-click menu when you click on an app, it's the prefix before the app's name
22:45:19 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: I use it in pretty much every app that needs a replacement. Or do you mean just X: with nothing else?
22:45:33 <ChrisMorgan> I mean just ``%PAL:Drive%``
22:45:40 <kAlug> Got it, but I'm still not sure about it's utility.
22:45:43 <JohnTHaller> Ah ok. Good to know. I should fix those.
22:46:18 <JohnTHaller> kAlug: It's just a small label in the right-click menu to indicate that's the app you've selected.
22:46:43 <JohnTHaller> Mainly because once you right-click, the menu highlight disappears so it's harder to see what you picked
22:47:09 <ChrisMorgan> It seems that the requirement in Inkscape on Windows is just that gs be on the PATH.
22:47:23 <JohnTHaller> Ah, nice, we can add that in pretty easy
22:47:35 <JohnTHaller> kAlug: You're right, though "App" doesn't really need to be there
22:47:40 <ChrisMorgan> GIMP uses Ghostscript too.
22:47:49 <JohnTHaller> Also just needs it in the path?
22:47:54 <GordCaswell> ChrisMorgan: if GS is launched on it's own, it is a CLI. See the first line here:
22:48:31 <ChrisMorgan> - GS_PROG as full path to gswin32c.exe
22:48:45 <GordCaswell> Obviously, we would be removing the exe responsible for the CLI.
22:48:59 <ChrisMorgan> Inkscape may be that way too, I haven't tried it.
22:49:06 <kAlug> Does anyone here have a DeviantArt account? I need to check the license of some artwork.
22:49:07 <JohnTHaller> GordCaswell: You could leave it in. And we could have a launcher for it if someone really wanted it.
22:49:53 <GordCaswell> Ok, easy enough to leave in. I already have multiple launchers ready to use.
22:50:13 <ChrisMorgan> I'd say PAL can add gs/bin to PATH and set GS_PROG to gs/bin/gswin32c.exe, [Activate]:Ghostscript same as Java.
22:50:35 <JohnTHaller> ChrisMorgan: Makes sense
22:51:55 <GordCaswell> the only problem with GS_PROG being set to gswin32c is that there's an HKCU key that can be created. Isn't always, though
22:52:57 <ChrisMorgan> What's that?
22:53:03 <GordCaswell> Oh, and there's both a 32 and 64 bit version of GS - since GS is an interpreter, it makes sense to have both availble, right?
22:53:14 <GordCaswell> HKCU\Software\GPL Ghostscript
22:53:22 <JohnTHaller> I must be off for a bit to lie down again. I may pop in again before bed. If you need me for anything, just drop an email.
22:53:37 <GordCaswell> later, John
22:53:43 *** JohnTHaller has parted #portableapps (None)
22:53:58 <ChrisMorgan> So, there's gswin32c and gswin64c?
22:54:05 <GordCaswell> yep
22:54:25 <ChrisMorgan> So we can select based on architecture.
22:54:37 <ChrisMorgan> And search in HKCU\Software\GPL Ghostscript\what?
22:55:08 <GordCaswell> All i've got is a discard, I find the key isn't needed, just created.
22:55:49 <ChrisMorgan> And it gets created by gswin(32|64)c being called/
22:55:51 <ChrisMorgan> ?
22:56:51 <GordCaswell> I don't recall off hand what creates it, I'll track it down when I update GS to the most recent version.
22:58:19 * GordCaswell is updating GS this week - hopefully Tuesday
22:58:20 <ChrisMorgan> I'll put it in to delete it if it didn't exist before.
22:58:26 <GordCaswell> Ok
23:01:59 *** kAlug is now known as kAlug|Away
23:05:14 <ChrisMorgan> Should I support [Activate]:GhostScript=require, or just do =find, do you think?
23:05:56 <GordCaswell> I would say find, as most apps that can use it don't require it, including Scribus
23:06:44 <ChrisMorgan> Will we ever come across any that require it, though?
23:07:29 <GordCaswell> Possible...GSview, for example, requires it, and I'm hoping it gets released eventually
23:09:23 <ChrisMorgan> OK, I'll keep 'require' in.
23:10:00 <GordCaswell> Ok. And in most cases it'll be 'find', so that's all good.
23:15:12 <Mir> hey GordCaswell and ChrisMorgan
23:15:22 <GordCaswell> hey Mir
23:15:43 <Mir> as for loop the homework was one while loop
23:15:54 <Mir> or one while/for loop
23:16:22 <GordCaswell> nice - glad that you were able to get it in one - that's lots of points for you :)
23:16:27 <Mir> now thinking about it i dont know any other way i could have done it
23:16:31 <Mir> yea
23:16:50 <Mir> seeing as i lost 180 pts for not getting one project done right
23:16:56 <GordCaswell> I just wasn't sure if the prof wanted one iteration or not - that would have made it REALLY difficult
23:17:11 <GordCaswell> ouch - so extra points on this one is a good thing indeed
23:17:19 <Mir> the professor wanted us to print out 1, 11, 111, 1111 up to 1111111
23:17:32 <Mir> thing is it was impossible
23:17:44 <Mir> he didnt teach us the commands we needed to do it
23:18:01 <Mir> so those of use who DID do it got an F and those who didnt also got an F
23:18:09 <Mir> equal oppertunity
23:18:12 <Mir> :(
23:18:23 <GordCaswell> and didn't give you the option of using code he hadn't taught yet, like he did with this one?
23:18:35 <Mir> nope
23:18:40 <Mir> i used 2 methods
23:18:45 <GordCaswell> That's just weird
23:18:47 <Mir> binary and another one
23:18:58 <Mir> in this case
23:19:12 <Mir> i actualy used everything we have been taught so far
23:19:21 <Mir> i didnt do anything fancy
23:19:53 <Mir> this week will be the do while command
23:20:07 *** DannyMuniz[AFK] has quit (Quit: Never Drive Faster Than What Your Guardian Angel Can Fly! (Denise Wiedeman))
23:20:07 <Mir> last week was the for command
23:29:46 <GordCaswell> I've got to go, I might be on later
23:29:48 <ChrisMorgan> GordCaswell: do you know whether gswin32c.exe exists on a 64-bit installation?
23:30:27 <GordCaswell> Yep, and it runs - I just tried it
23:30:50 <ChrisMorgan> OK, good. Thanks.
23:31:11 <ChrisMorgan> Just about done, I'll commit it for 2.3.
23:31:17 <GordCaswell> And I can confirm that the Reg key is created when gswinXX is run
23:32:45 <ChrisMorgan> OK, I take care of that too.
23:32:52 *** GordCaswell has quit (Quit: family time :))
23:50:32 *** PlauSocks|AFK is now known as PlauSocks